Wednesday, January 8, 2014

someone on your side

Do you ever feel alone, like nobody see's your perspective?  Nobody cares about whether things are easy or hard for you?  

Do you ever feel you just wish you had someone on your side?  Someone who saw your perspective?  Someone who was an advocate on your behalf?  Someone who made things easier for you?  Someone who had your back?

I work with a lot of medical professionals.  In Texas, we have a program through the Texas Medical Association in which the physicians that want to enroll are able to pay dues for their membership to be apart of this organization.  If you get stuck in a battle with Medicare, Medicaid or a Commercial Insurance Carrier claims payments, denials, authorizations, coding rules and regulations, recoupments, etc and you have exhausted all your efforts through the chain of command and reporting system directly with the payor or agency auditing you, or simply are tired of fighting the issues, or whatever the situation may be, they will fight on your behalf.  They are an advocate for physicians.  They support the physician.  They do not support the government or its carriers.  They support the medical professionals.

Sure, they have criteria that must be met first before you can submit a "hassle factor log".  But they will help you.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had such a person for you in your life?  Someone who you could call on when you had exhausted your efforts or simply were tired of fighting?  I mean if you had such a person, wouldn't life be so much better?  Wouldn't you be ecstatic that you had someone on your side?  Wouldn't it give you a perspective as you approached circumstances and situations in a different way than if you didn't have that support?

You do.

You have someone who see's your perspective.

You have someone who is an advocate on your behalf.

You have someone who makes things easier for you.

You have someone who has your back.

You have God!!!

What would happen if you lived life, daily, with this perspective?  Wouldn't it fuel you with a love for living?  A love for the person who has your back?  The person who is supporting you 100% along the way?  The person who is making your life easier?

I want to make this more of my daily focus.  

Before I get to the point of feeling I have exhausted my efforts. Before I am tired of fighting.  Before I have had to go through the "chain of command".  Before all of that, because this advocate, doesn't make you use those resources first.  This advocate doesn't make you fill out a form for approval to submit your case.  This advocate doesn't care what you did first or last, this advocate will listen, will consider, will support, will love you no matter what has transpired.  You have a straight connection, you don't have to go through nobody for permission to access your advocate.  You don't have to wait in line. You don't have to make anyone else happy, just one    

Ever think about that?  

How would my life have been different if I had been educated in this way about the advocate I have always had on my side?

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