Monday, January 27, 2014

Thank You Gerald, Tony & Marci

{The Thank You note I sent to the Coaches via Facebook}

Gerald, Tony & Marci, As you come away from an intense 3 Day LiveBIG Event working with each of us attendees to help us delve into our junk, discover our lies, replace them with truth, remove our barriers, understand who we are, find our passion, teach us to learn to be a creator daily in our lives, and give us tools to rewrite our story...I pray that each of you are energized by the results you achieved, proud of yourself for all that you did for each one of us, and feel loved and blessed to have made an impact in our lives!!! I pray that God gives you the strength to continue to lead with love and are amazing! I am blessed to have met you and grateful beyond words for your part in my courageous journey! Saying Thank You for everything seems so small, so trivial, so heartless, but I mean it with all my heart!!! I thank YOU! With Courage, Generosity & Love, Misty

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