Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thank You gift from Susie & Carly

I got a call from a delivery company wanting to confirm when they could deliver a package.  I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't tell you that initially, my antennae went up like a red alert.  Who was sending me a package?  Might seem like a stupid concern on your end, but after having just traveled out of state and met a bunch of new people, my comfort zone was a little concerned.

A delivery??? Hmmmmm.....who sent me a gift???

A Thank You gift...

THNX ALOT Sprinkles Cupcakes

Thank You Note from the two chics I "rescued" at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport...


I am crying...this truly was a sweet gesture on their part, though totally not necessary.  Regardless, I am blessed because I blessed them in a time of need Sunday Night at the DFW Airport. Wow!!!  Who wouldn't want friends like this?  Who wouldn't stop and help sweet gals like this?  I did and I would regardless if they sent me cupcakes!

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