Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the speed of life

Do you ever stop and reflect about how life seems to travel fast??? 

Like really FAST?

Do you ever feel like you can't keep up?  

Do you ever stop and think, have I always felt life was this fast???  Or is it faster than ever?

And then you remember.  The days in your childhood when it seemed you were in school ForEVER.  When the weekend would never come.  When summer break or year around break (one month off three months on) was taking so long to show its face.  When you really thought the days on the calendar and weeks drug by so slowly.  When it seemed your birthday, being a whole nother year away was like eternity.  I mean.  Those days, the days dragged.  Life just dragged.  Everything seemed to take too much time.

Wait for this.  Wait for that.  Too long until you could drive. Until you got your own bank account.  Until you were an adult.  Until you got to go to so and so's house.  Too long until you could visit someone who lived in another state or call them on the phone.  Too long until your allowance was paid to you in two weeks.  Too long until you turned 13.  And forever until you turned 18.  

You never seemed to get to do anything fun, now, all you had to do was wait and that meant it was forever away.  I mean when you were an adult, then you could really live life.  Right?

Oh, to be a child again and change your thinking.  

To relish the days of nobody screaming for you to come or do or be or go or see or feel or think.  You know what I mean?  Do you ever just wanna be that person, I mean, just for a day?

I was thinking about life and how fast it travels and then how slow it seemed to travel in my childhood.  

I then thought of a train.  You know those trains that seem to take forever to cross the railroad tracks. The ones that are long and inching by so slowly?  That's how life seems when you are in your childhood.

Then you become an adult, and somehow the picture changes.  Life just seems to roar by, like an Amtrac train that has the railroad guards go down so it can fly by and before you can blink, they are coming back up because the train is gone.

I am not sure why our perspective totally changes, but it does.  I thought that some of it had to do with the amount of things we were involved in as we get older vs what we have to manage when we are younger, but I am not sure that is all of it.  I think as we get older we have a different perspective on time because we have experienced more of it.

I feel my life is speeding up.  Some days, I want to stop it.  I want it to crawl by so I can enjoy it.  Other days I enjoy the speed it is on and the way things are happening.

I just want to remind you, in case you didn't know:

Life truly does go so fffffaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssst!  Make the most of it...

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