Sunday, January 26, 2014

travels home from LiveBIG in SLC

I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah Airport with my new friend Melanie after we did a Never Ever Ski Lesson and had lunch at the Park City Ski Resort.  We arrived with plenty of time to spare, no rushing to get through security and to our gates.  She was trying to get out on standby on an earlier flight and I just was hoping to get home without the travel issues I had coming out.

We hugged each other goodbye, hoping that our gates would be close enough together that we could hang out some more, but realizing that it might not and we needed to say goodbye sooner than we wanted.  Sure enough that didn't happen.  I considered walking to her gate, 4 terminals away since I had 2 hours until my flight was to leave, but since she was wanting to fly standby, that didn't seem to make much sense.  

I sat and just looked out the airport window for some time gazing at the mountains, reflecting on my time, wanting to sleep but afraid that if I really did, I would sleep so hard that I would not hear when my flight was ready to leave.  After some time, I knew I needed to get my hands busy or get some caffeine.  Caffeine is not something I do much of and so I opted to knit instead.

The flight was running about 15 minutes late and before long we were off for a 2 hour flight back to Dallas Fort Worth Airport.  I landed.  Got my bag.  Headed out to catch the bus to the North Remote Parking  Lot to get my car.  I usually park at the South Remote Parking Lot, but traffic was bad on the drive in and I had changed my route which put me at the other end of the airport.

As I got off the bus and walked through the building out the back to the parking lot and through the isle, I saw this cute chic walking with her car opener up, glancing around trying to find her car.  She had the look like "I can't believe I can't find this!  I am not going to cry, I might as well laugh, but this is just crazy!  Why did I get myself into this mess?  Where is it?"  I smiled at her.  She smiled back and kept walking.  

I was parked at the far end against the fence.  It was really cold.  I got my bag into my car and backed out, thinking about how in an hour, after my drive home, I would finally be sleeping in my own bed!!! The thought of my own pillow, my own down comforter snuggled up around my neck was heaven!  I could not wait to be sleeping in my own bed!!!  
I went down a different isle and there was that chic again.  I decided to stop, rolled down my window and said to her "Would you like to ride with me and I will take you around to find your car?  It is pretty cold out."  She initially said, "Its got to be around here somewhere, I just can't find it.  You are kind, but I will I don't want to bother you."  I was like "You look like you have been walking around for awhile, you sure?"  She then said, "Would you mind?"  I said, "Absolutely not!  Why would I ask you if I minded?  Hop in."  She did.  She kept saying over and over and over, I can't believe you would do this.  I can't believe you would help a complete stranger.  I can't believe you are being so kind.  I am so sorry to put you out.  I can't find my car.  How can this be so hard?  I parked close.  

Her sister was walking around too, but she had a gigantic suitcase, the size of half of my Honda Civic trunk!  I told her to wait at the curb and we would be back with the car.  We toured the entire remote parking lot.  Lots of White Lexus', but no correct White Lexus anywhere.  I finally said, did you park in the North Remote Parking or the South Remote Parking?  She asked me where we were.  I ignored the question and asked which one did you park in trying to see if she would remember?  She said the one where there is all the construction.  I laughed and said both ends have construction going on.  I then told her that this was the North Remote Parking Lot and she probably parked in the South Remote Parking Lot.  She said, "No way."  I said lets go check.  She said no, just let us take the bus.  I said "No, that makes no sense.  It will be 10-15 minutes before the bus gets back and then it is going to make its rounds between all the terminals and you won't get to the South Remote Parking Lot for at least another 30 minutes, if even that quickly.  I am going to take you there."  

We went and picked up her sister.  I moved my suitcase to the back seat so that both of theirs could fit in the trunk.  As we were loading up, she said to me, "Here you are helping us and I don't even know your name!"  I laughed and told them, "It's Misty."  They introduced themselves to me.  Susie was the chic I had seen walking.  Carly was her sister.

We chatted during the drive.  They asked where I had just gotten back from (and I got a chance to tell them about my LiveBIG Conference), where I lived, what I did for work.  I asked them the same questions.  Both girls, Susie and Carly, were sweet, very sweet.  Both furniture sales representatives coming back from a week long event and show in Las Vegas.  They live in Dallas.

As we pulled into the South Remote Parking Lot gates, they insisted I could not go through and pay again.  They were just going to walk through with their luggage.  Susie had already gotten out.  I said, "Well, what if your car isn't in there?"  She said, "Oh, it has to be."  I said okay, "Do you have a cell phone with you so you can let me know either way that you find your car, because I am going to wait here for you.  Just in case you can't find your car in here?"  She replied, "Yah, we do but they're both dead."  I looked at them and laughed and I said, "Not a chance.  You get your butt back in my car, I am not going to stand for that."  She argued, "You have already taken so much time, we will be fine."  And the planner in me said, "And what will you do if you don't find your car, or the battery is dead or it won't start?"  I said, "I will have none of that, get in the car with me."  As we pulled through the remote parking gate, the sign let us know that the fee for 2 hours was $1.00.  I told her to get over it, $1.00 would not break me!!!  We laughed.

We pulled in, got our ticket, went down the first lane that was going the direction that we could go and guess what, 3 places in was her car!!!  They were so happy!!!!!!  We unloaded, she insisted on giving me a $1.00 to get out and we said goodbye.  I waited until they got in and their car started and drove off.  As I was pulling out, the agent didn't make me pay because I was in the lot less than 10 minutes.  Sweet!!!  They pulled up just as I was leaving and I told them so.  We laughed and she told me to get a drink with my $1.00.

As I drove off, I had this grateful feeling in my heart.  A simple smile had me connect with Susie.  A simple inquiry if I could help made her realize I could and that she needed the help.  A simple encounter and I met some really sweet gals.  

I hope I find them on Facebook!

15 minutes down the freeway and we were at a deadstop due to construction...for about 15 minutes.  What if I had just hurried out of the airport trying to rush home to get to my cozy bed and pillow and not helped her?  I would have had to sit my butt in traffic and wait anyways and I would have regretted not assisting this chic.  

I love the way when you focus on LivingBIG what shows up in your world.  I absolutely love being an encourager and generous!

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