Thursday, January 16, 2014

why I no longer follow you on Facebook

I love Facebook!!!!!!!

Some days I think maybe I am addicted to it, just slightly addicted to it.  My love for it is pretty strong. 

I check it when I am stopped at a red light.  I check it when I am waiting on hold to speak with someone.  I check it when I get up and onto my laptop to wish my friends who have birthdays that day a great birthday.  I follow a few friends closely and have my settings to be alerted to get notifications when they post something.  I check out my friends walls frequently to see what is going on in their world.  

I see pictures of friends children that I would never see if Facebook didn't exist.  I get information about great articles, sales, events, and more by friends.  I see motivational quotes, a verse of the day, a bible study, a book, a #my500words challenge, and more. 

I see ways to brighten someone's day.  I see ways to encourage.  I see ways to support.  I see ways to help.  I see groups to participate in, fundraisers to support, charity donations needed, jobs to be had, and more.  

Facebook is a tool I love.

But there are days Facebook creates havoc in my soul.  I hate Facebook for the following:

I hate people who never like a post.

I hate people who never interact on a public forum for fear of "writing something on the internet".

I hate people who never comment.

I hate people who are snoopers.

I hate people who don't engage in a relationship.

I hate people who only share food recipes and everything else everybody else is sharing.

I hate people who can't create their own content.  

I hate people who are continually negative.  Yes, we all have bad days and we all have times of posting something negative, but if that is all you post, I don't want to see it.

I hate people who will only send private messages and not ever communicate on your wall or your post.

Yah, these people don't need Facebook.  They don't get it is a relationship.  They don't get that communication goes two ways.  They don't get that to get you must give.   They don't get the basics.  

Facebook continually makes changes to their settings and the layout.  As of the first week of December 2013, you no longer can follow friends post by all posts, most posts, only important posts or not at all.  You can follow or unfollow.

So I am making changes to my Facebook News Feed for 2014.  

If you only post junk, I will  not follow you.  You will be unfollowed.

If you do not like or comment or engage with me and never post, you will be unfollowed.

I have Facebook to interact with you.  Period.  Join in or you won't be in my inner circle.  Pretty simple.  I choose positive attitude.  I choose people who want to be in my life.  I choose this over junk.

Facebook overhaul in process.


  1. After reading your post, what are the perks of being in your inner circle?

    1. Great question Rocky. I want people in my inner circle who want a relationship, who are willing to be open, vulnerable, courageous, loving and supportive. I want to share in your life. If these things don't fit your core values, you probably don't want me in your circle as I will annoy you. I am a courageous and generous person whose goal is to support you however I can.

      How about you?

    2. I believe that is a great list of values to hold close and to encourage others to have as well. My next few statements and questions are strictly an observation and not to be taken personal. When reading your current blog post, the very middle of it you are sharing your feeling of hatred for people of different stereotypes, if I should say. How can that be loving and supportive when hate is the exact opposite of love? Support is the action towards another person, even if you don't agree with them, because they have the right to make the decisions that they make, such as, 1) not commenting on any post. I know of different ones that don't know what to say most of the time, and it can be very easy for me to sit behind a computer screen and judge them and hate them without ever really knowing why they don't post a comment. 2) ..."fear of writing something on the internet" These people tend to be more worrisome than others, but should I hate them for it? NO! That is their perrogative to make that call. 3) you hate snoopers. This is a different one because being a snoop is not a flattering habit, and it usually goes hand in hand as being a gossip. But what am I told to do? Hate them? If that was the case everyone would hate everybody because nobody is perfect. I believe we still should love others even through their bad habits. Anyway, that is just a bit of critical thinking and enjoy the dialogue.