Sunday, January 5, 2014

work never hurt a body

One of the lines I heard the most growing up was:

Work never hurt a body!

Mom would say that to us when we would complain about the number of chores that we had to do.  Or when we disliked the task.  Or when we would state "We never get to play."  

I believe my Mom new what she meant when she said that.  Like really new it.  

We grew up working hard.  No, we were not raised out on a farm with all those types of chores, but believe me, we had our own routine of chores.  Chores assigned to every day of the week.  We rarely had many chores assigned to Sunday's, but they still felt like work because we had to listen to long intense bible studies with Dad or those forced family times of games.  It was work, in a different way.  Special chores to each month, each season.  If all else fails and you were "extra naughty" you got more chores. Lots more chores!!!  

We did chores all the time.  We rarely had play time.  Play time was to be considered a commodity and a scarcity and we learned to love work.  Really love work.  We learned to value the good in work, the achievement that came from the results, the way to view good work and excellent work.  We were taught to critique our own work, closely critique it.

I believe this plays a big role into why I love to work and work so hard.

It also plays a role in why I am having to relearn that work, too much work without enough rest, can truly hurt a body.  

I know it is probably one of the contributing reasons I struggle with Adrenal Fatigue issues.  I know it is one of the reasons I am so dedicated to my clients. I know it is one of the reasons I can't say no.

At 37, I still haven't really learned this, but I am trying before its too late.  

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