Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 2 Video Challenge

So yesterday I faced my fears. I did a video for 0.18 seconds.  Short.  Sweet.  

The result?  An incredible response!!!

Over 100 likes on Facebook.  Over 40 comments.  Many private conversations through Facebook Messaging, texting, emails, and calls.  

This I did not expect.  

Why?  Because my fears have held me back from engaging with you. My fears have made me not able to encourage you the way I want to in my heart.  My fears have told me I am not good enough.  My fears have told me I am not wanted.  My fears have told me I am not worthy.  My fears have told me things for years.  My fears are wrong.  My fears have made me believe lies that aren't true.  

What would I have gotten out of my day yesterday if I had not faced my fears and not shared with you in a verbal format that I love you?  


What would you have gotten from me not sharing?


Once again, I have faced my fears head on.  I am going to live down the feeling I get by being on video.  I am determined to do a great job at this, and perfect the job I do.  By actually facing my fears, this only made more of an impact on my life, not less. 

I want to show you my courageous heart.  

These videos are raw, unedited, unplanned, unrehearsed.  Today I share with you what I consider facing your fears to be.  You can listen to it here.

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