Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 10 Video Challenge

Yesterday I asked you if you are wallowing in your crap or are you letting your crap build you a beautiful garden?  

Sometimes during and in that process it creates growing pains, difficulties, hardships, hurts deep, and even creates more pain then what you already had.  We tend to fight the pain.  However if we were to give into the pain and understand the pain is what is necessary and needed for us to have healing; without us having that experience we don't get the life, blood to the wound, strength, encouragement, and to create healing.

In our relationship with God, sometimes we try to do this all on our own and fight going to him for our strength to have him help us work through the cleansing and healing that needs to happen in our life.  Instead we need to go to him for the strength in the process.

I am going through one of those tough spells.  Those times when you can't shake that funk.  Those times when you can't figure out what all is making life unbearable.  Difficult.  Hard.  Challenging.  Frustrating.  When all you want to do is cry.

Sure, some of it is understood.  Challenges with clients.  Issues with triggers.  Issues with my past.  Issues with relationships.  Issues with negative thoughts.  Issues with being overwhelmed.  Issues with sleep.  Overall, just issues with life.  I pray that through the next few days I can understand more what message God is wanting me to hear and that I will be in tune to my connection with him to be ready to accept his message.

I just want to remind you today to give into the pain.  As you do, you will experience the healing.  It is hard, difficult and challenging.  Through the painful process you will get to a day that you are healed and it won't be the pain you have now.

You can listen to today's video post here.

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