Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 9 Video Challenge

I had time with a friend Monday night...we went and ate sushi.  In our conversation, I got to share my experience with her.  I got very emotional in recounting this to her.  The LiveBIG Conference I went to January 2014 has really impacted my world!

I have 3 tickets to give away, and have so far given 1 away.  I really dig this LiveBIG experience!  It is one of a handful of things that truly has impacted my world in a huge way...and I share a few reasons why, and I share that I am working through my intense crap.  I give an analogy of this process...and I ask:

Are you wallowing in your crap or are you building a beautiful garden out of this manure? 

You can watch this video here as I talk about it.  

I would love you to give you an opportunity to go to a LiveBIG conference if it is something that you want to do if you are determined to change your world, as much as I am determined to.  YOU CAN LIVE BIG!  Go for it friends. I love you!

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