Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Am Poem

I Am
by Misty W Gilbert

I am courageous
I am generous
I am loving
I am a unique woman
I am single
I am a firstborn
I am passionate
I am determined
I am fiercely competitive
I am practical
I am authentic
I am a giver
I am an overcomer
I am in love with music
I am a very fast typist
I am a writer
I am knitter
I am a reader
I am a pianist
I am a clock collector
I am fond of shabby chic touches
I am amazed by vintage items
I am inspired by red
I am refreshed by white
I am classy in black
I am moved by water
I am striving to be a minimalist
I am aspiring to lead a quiet life
I am in love with God
I am faith driven
I am dedicated to everything I touch
I am entrepreneur
I am a penny pincher
I am a planner
I am into the details
I am not who I used to be
but I am ME

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