Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Am Poem

I Am
by Misty W Gilbert

I am courageous, generous, and loving
for by knowing who I am
I am empowered to be a powerful creator.

I am not afraid of the truth of my life
for by learning more about me
I am able to discover who God called me to be.

I am going to share my story
for by living down my fears
I am able to be authentic and real.

I am convinced it won't be easy
for the truth to be known
but I will pursue sharing the message God gave me.

I am not worried about the impact
for truth lives in spite of the lies
I am determined to have faith and believe.

I am rewriting my story
for it is my unique life
I am a princess of the One True King.

In this, I will press on and be courageous, be generous and be loving!

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