Tuesday, April 1, 2014

reality of negative self talk

I posted this today Facebook:

The LiveBIG Mastery Coaching Call was desperately needed for me today. Facing some extreme negative self talk since returning from LiveBIG. Irritated with myself for having this issue. Frustrated that this is my default pattern. The fight for having courage and facing my fears is great!!! Please pray for me! I wanna be courageous, generous and loving.

As the day wore on, I then posted this on Facebook:

LOVE my LiveBIG buddies!!! I so NEEDED you today.

"Misty, you are breath of fresh air...you are truth...you are a song. Your past and people don't define you. You are a blessing! Let it spread into your heart. Do you trust God? You have to show it. Let go of your generational crap." - Brandee Thornton Burt

..."you have to hold hands with your shadow self" - Denise Blaylock

"Misty you are a beautiful, confident, inspiring woman!" - Shana Galbraith

"My whole family is inspired by you. Love you girl!!!!!" - Debbie Loosle Abbott

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