Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a message for me: Not Marked

I had a strategic business partner with one of my clients give me a book called Not Marked by Mary Demuth.  The subtitle is Finding Hope & Healing after Sexual Abuse.  I was amazed that she thought of me and would buy me a copy.  Truly was sweet and I have thanked her for being so thoughtful.

I took it with me on my trip to California over Mother's Day a few weeks ago and read it on the plane both coming and going and finished it.  I normally don't underline in my books, part of that perfectionist identity issues I have, but since I didn't have my notebook with me to make notes of the thoughts that impacted me and didn't want to take the time to write them in my Inkpad app, I decided I would do just that.  Underline in a brand new book and make it all used and mine.

It was hard to do, but I did.

I am amazed at how God brings people and things into your life just at the time you need them.  And amazed is really not even a word that describes what I think and feel about that enough.

The book had some insightful information and thoughts, the writer shared her own story and the journey she has been on through her marriage and how it has impacted her healing.  I will share my nuggets from the book with you in another blog post when I do my book review.  However, the part of the book that to me was the most amazing was how she described the impact of others and how they are used as a tool in your healing, particularly a spouse.  She covers who are safe people, what safe people do and how you need to view yourself and the things that come up that trigger you and bring you back into that zone, and how to work through them.  The reason to me that this is so amazing, is for me to get this resource at a time like this when the fact is that I am in the middle of dating and searching out safe people, and it is causing triggers in my life that I have to face and work through, how could this have not been put in my hands at a more perfect time?  It flat out couldn't.  

And that is what makes this another God Moment in my journey!!!

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