Thursday, June 5, 2014

the highest price

You ever have a message come at you in more than one way, in different formats, but the main theme the same?  It seems that many of the messages come to you like this, one right after another, so thoroughly and completely without being sought out after that you have to stop and reflect and it makes you realize that God is talking to you!  That he has a special message for you.  But what is it???!!!???  I don't know if you have had this happen, but for me, when it is a continual message to you in more than one way, it makes me get a grip and realize that its important.  Very important and of such significance that he is stopping and asking you to learn, to absorb, to wake up, to take notice, to get the memo.  Maybe on something I haven't been willing to accept.  Or something I need, most desperately.

I have had one of those moments lately.  The message has been astounding to reflect on.

If you are like me, you have been told that God paid The Highest Price for you.  But have you thought about that?  

The HIGHEST PRICE!  What is that?

Different people the last two weeks have spoke to my heart on this topic, but instead of sharing their nuggets, I am going to share my own as I have meditated on the things that I have been presented and given it some thought.

I put a bid on the house I currently own, January 2007.  In the end, I was the top bidder of 4 bidders.  I bid the highest price.  I won by $9K.  How did I become the winner?  Only God knows, but it was meant for me and I have made it my own.  

When you are the highest bidder and pay the highest price, you own it.  Its yours.  Nobody else can touch the house or live in it.  They can want it, but they can't have it.  As the highest bidder you have an attitude of pride over your purchase.  You have a desire to make it your own.  You put the hard work and effort into making the improvements.  You do the touches that give it your flavor and personality.  You have a purpose.  You have a mission.  You have fun showing off your purchase to your friends.  You bring your friends over and let them enjoy it with you.  You are excited about this thing you own!  It's YOURS!

Do you think God looks at you an differently?  Nobody else can touch you, he owns you.  They can try to claim you, but you are God's and he owns you.  He has deep pride in you, because he bought you.  You are his own.  He is proud of you!!!  The paperwork shows he owns you.  

But he bought you at the highest price possible.

Think about it.  If you were bidding on the house that I bought and is mine, you could have been bidding against me and in a normal bidding scenario (though this wasn't that because the bidders didn't know what each other had bid) you would have the option to increase the price to a higher dollar if someone was out bidding you.  You would have the option to say, this is worth it to me, I will pay this much more for it.  I want it this badly, I am willing to pay this much for it.  You wouldn't blink an eye, you would do it in a heartbeat, because your soul wanted to purchase it whatever the cost.

That's exactly what God did for you!  For me!   He said, I don't care the cost, I will pay the absolute highest price for this child I want.  I will make sure that I am the winning bidder.  I am the one who will own this.   I will be the one who proudly to takes credit for this purchase.  I am the one who loves them more than you do.  I will see to it that nobody outbids me.

And he did.  He paid the HIGHEST price.  For You.  For Me.  

What happens when you think about someone paying the highest price for you?  Someone being that proud of you that they wanted you that desperately, that aggressively, that completely?  What happens when you know you are owned by someone who wanted you that much?

Do you fight this?  Or do you accept it?

For me, it makes me feel like I want to be more loyal.  I want to give more of me to the person who paid the highest price for me.  I want to appreciate that love, deeply appreciate because its depth is tremendous.  I want to be connected to that person beyond anything or anyone else.  It also makes me feel pretty special because I was wanted that much.

What do you think would change if you believed and realized someone paid The Highest Price for you?  

What does paying The Highest Price mean to you???  

How does this affect your decisions and how you live today, knowing God paid The Hightest Price for YOU???

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