Sunday, June 15, 2014

the interesting thing about blogging

I love blogging.

I love writing.

I love sharing my thoughts.

I love getting feedback from the words I write and the thoughts I share.  

I love the people that take time to comment, email me follow up thoughts, text me that my post really hit home with them, Facebook message me and share how the post impacted their world, comment on the link on Facebook after reading it or share my post from my Twitter feed.  It tells me that what they thought I wrote was meaningful enough that they wanted their inner circle of friends to read it too.  The ripple effect of blogging on my friendships is exciting to me!

Even after 7 years of blogging, I am still amazed that the posts I spend the most time writing, trying to make sure my thoughts make sense, that I have written all that I want to convey, that I have shared exactly what I should and left out what I shouldn't...are rarely the posts that hit home with people.  They rarely are the ones that get any feedback.  They are rarely the ones that seem to stir a connection.

The blog posts that create the most connection with people are the ones that take only 5 minutes to write.  Not literally, but figuratively in the sense that they are the ones that my heart just feels called to write and I sit down and it all comes out and very little time is spent making it all come together.  They are the ones that are written when I rarely worry about what people will think about what I am writing, because I really don't care, I have a message I want to share.  I write because its my heart and I share all of it.  People cry.  People comment.  People are amazed that I am this authentic, open, and bare my soul to the depths that I do.

The other blog posts that seem to create the most connection with people are the ones that I write about topics that are hurtful.  Topics that are sensitive.  Topics that people avoid.  Topics that we all face.   These are the ones that people resonate with.  Topics that I am bold to go into.  These are the posts where I hold nothing back.  And people appreciate the honesty.

Part of me wonders why that is?  Part of me knows.  The evidence is there as to why these posts are a home run hit!

It is after writing these two kinds of posts that I wish I spent more time writing.

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