Friday, July 25, 2014

Dating Lessons: Giver or Taker?

In dating, you will experience various relationships and interactions that will show if this person is a Giver or a Taker.

What kind of a relationship do you want?  What kind of qualities do you feel make the best relationship?  

How much should one be Giving?  How much should one be Taking?

Do you want to invest in someone who isn’t investing in you but taking from you? 

Every relationship takes two people committed to giving more than taking.  Though every relationship is going to have it's moments when one person is taking and the other person is giving, you must figure out what is the pattern.  What is the motive in giving?  What is the motive in taking?  If you don't have a balance and there isn't a heart of wanting to give more than take, you probably are going to have struggles in your relationship which is going to lead to frustrations and difficulties that will affect all aspects of the relationship.  These things will likely lead to a breakdown in the commitment and connection.

You deserve someone who is deserving of you!  Someone who wants to be a Giver in your life!!!  

What qualities do you look for in a Giver?

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  1. This is hard because when the the relationship is new it's so easy to be a giver. I guess maybe noticing how one acts around friends and family, or when things don't work out, is a good indicator, honesty is important.