Tuesday, August 12, 2014

right or wrong?

In approaching some new dynamics in my life, I have been intentional at stepping back and analyzing what I have believed and why.  I have decided to approach things that I previously was told were right or wrong with the purpose to prove all things.  With the perspective to be objective and not assume that how I was trained and what I know is inherently correct.  To be open to daily being guided in every aspect of/on my courageous journey.

In doing so, I have come to realize very clearly that the way I was raised was to look at everything in life with the filter that it either must be right or it must be wrong.  

Yet as I work through this process of complete authenticity, opening myself up to being willing to see something in a light that I had never seen before, being willing to consider something I had never considered previously, being in a state of mind knowing that God will not lead me wrong if I put all my trust and faith in Him, that He will lead me to find the truth and the answer, for me in the moment, I am finding that as I step back and ask questions, reflect on the facts, analyze the information I have available to me at the time, approach things in this light, fully with an open mind not trying to figure things out on my own, in prayer asking God for complete direction, daily, many times every minute of every hour, to help me understand His plan for my life, to pursue those things that are excellent, and follow my heart and dreams, I have come to see that not everything falls into the category of being right and wrong. 

Sometimes there are decisions that either choice you are presented with would be acceptable or beneficial.  Not every decision is a right or wrong decision. 

This has been a hard adjustment to make. 

I want to make everything a right and wrong decision.  A right and wrong way of living.  A right and wrong motive.  A right and wrong attitude.  A right and wrong belief.

Even if other people have beliefs that my decisions are right or wrong.  Even if others don't see the situation the way I do.  Even if other people wouldn't make the choices I make.  Even if I don't always know if its the right or wrong thing to do or to say.  I can have faith that I am choosing the best in the moment and that even if in the end its not the best thing for me, it will be used in my life to help me in the next moment and decision that comes across my path.   

I know this, in time, hours, days, weeks, months, years, I will know.  In time, I can make additional choices to make the necessary adjustments to tweak my path.  In time, I will have a deeper understanding or perspective as to what is the best thing for me in my life. 

And if I make a decision that isn't the best one, I know this, God is faithful to bring it to a clearer understanding and help me to see the changes that need to happen.  His spirit is so alive that it will be creating life in me!  I also know that God equips us to have a sound mind and to have the ability to make the appropriate decisions when we ask Him for wisdom.  He gives it generously.

Don't doubt that you will know with clarity, completely know, what is right and wrong, for you.

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