Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Reflections

I have very few pictures from my childhood. Let alone with my Mom. This one of us is during the stay after my birth in the Hospital. 

Though my childhood has very few fond memories and was filled with lots of emotional, physical and mental abuse, I choose to reflect on and remember the things that have made me who I am today.

I am grateful for the skills my Mom gave me in a strong work ethic. She taught me to play the piano having had 12 years of lessons herself. To cook from scratch. To sew all my clothes. To appreciate the value of saving money and not buying something I could not afford. To reach out and develop friendships by writing letters every single week to an adoptive Grandma Potter and to one girlfriend. To be a friend to everyone and not just the gals I wanted to have as friends. To love the process of learning. The opportunity and choice I had to create an internal culture of choosing to be positive in the midst of an ugly, painful, and devastating environment. To stand strong even when I was being torn down on every level. To believe the importance of having courage even when there is no hope of change. To be willing to ask questions even when it challenged the leadership and authority of my parents. To not back down. To be a woman of strength. 

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  1. Misty, my earliest memory of you was when you were probably only a day or two old. You lived down the street from me. I remember thinking that you were one of the prettiest babies I had seen. It was a fun time of life for me to run down to your house when I needed a baby fix. I would help your mom fold diapers or do whatever needed doing. It was fun for me and I felt like I was playing house. I was very sad when you moved from there to Virginia. Just a little reminiscing...:-) Glad you have turned into a woman of strength despite the hand you were dealt. Love, Lana