Friday, February 19, 2016

how do you view blocked comments?

The moment you see a friends post and it lists a certain number of comments, and you being the connector you are, the person who likes to read what other people think and feel and believe, you click to read the comments and you can't see them.

Yah, people say nobody knows when you are blocked on Facebook and you just move on. But the reminders are small ways that continue to alert you of something you don't have. A lost connection.

You can see it as a slap in the face, the knife to the heart, the kick in the gut...
You can see it as someone who doesn't like your light shinning in their eyes, a person who wants negativity and drama, a person who is really hurting and doesn't know how to heal, unable to accept love, unable to give love, and unable to feel forgiveness.

Truth cannot be hid. Honesty and integrity are visible to everyone. Love always wins.

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