Thursday, February 18, 2016

your everyday choices

You and I are presented with choices every day.

You will look at my situation and circumstance and think or say I should or could do this / that. I will look at your situation and think or say you should or could do this / that. Yet the reality is, we will only be addressing what we see by OUR OWN beliefs, life's experiences and perceptions. Without all concepts affecting the thinking and acting of an individual, fully in that person's personality, we really can't be in a position to know or say what they should or could do. Yes, there are patterns and some things have a formula that always work, but the only way that calculation can be correct is if you have all pieces.

There are two sides to every situation. Sometimes choosing what is the best choice is confusing. Sometimes clarity isn't simple. Sometimes it is.

There is a time for everything...and in your life you will have certain situations that you will be presented with both sides of the equation.
- There is a time to hold on and there is a time to let go.
- There is a time to do more, be more, have more...there is a time to do less, be less, have less.
- There is a time to give and there is a take.
- There is a time to push through and there is a time to step back.
- There is a time to share and there is a time to have a secret.
- There is a time to talk about what is happening and there is a time to be quiet and let things ride.
- There is a time to extend more love and there is a time to honor boundaries more firmly.

Can I encourage you to ask questions to help someone figure out what is the right time for them to do these things in their life? Can I encourage you not to judge and say they are wrong for what they are thinking and doing differently then you are? Can you pray for them when you see something you think they should or could do that would create different results in their life?

The word should is full of guilt. The word could gives power and options and let's them see they have a choice. There is much power in the choice of our words.
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