Sunday, February 28, 2016

psalm 63:8

I got a text message from a friend this morning asking: "How's ur soul?"...after knowing I needed and requested prayers.
Psalm 63:8 My soul sings to you O God, your right hand upholds me.....
Here was my response:
My soul believes in God.
My soul knows God's got this.
My soul believes God is doing a work in me but doesn't know or understand what it is right now.
My soul has hope that this is a phase.
My soul is rejoicing that I get another day to serve Him.
My soul is encouraged by friends who love and support and pray for me.
My soul is in some intense healing.
My soul will stay with its purpose: a courageous, generous and loving spirit.
My soul will still seek God in everything.
My soul will not run from the pain or the memories that come when things like this happen.
My soul will become more confident and not shrink back.
My soul will trust that God is working out all things for my good.
My soul will become the Woman of God that I am called to be.

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