Saturday, April 30, 2016

poem ~ new path

I'm on my new path
Without you
It's both freeing
And yet it hurts so deeply it's true.

Not ashamed of my pain
Sometimes it's motivation
To face the crowd and the critics
And show them what real love is.

To avoid my pain
Won't ever allow me to fully heal
For I wanna live differently
With a whole new perspective in grace.

I know what I want
And when I reflect on this fact
I believe your rejection is truly just yet
Another chapter in this courageous journey of my life.

In the days
I'm lost and the pain takes my breathe away
I get to choose to learn and love me more
For these circumstances make me stronger.

It drives me
To search more deeply
For your peace, love and the truth
Yes, I really abundantly know it.

In the root of pain
Through the questions and criticism from others
It is shaping and sculpturing
A more beautiful soul fighting a war in me.

I have you
What more could I want
God you unconditionally just love me
Everyday, in every single way.

You give me a clear view
And with my new confident heart
I continue creating this path for all I want in life
There ain't nothing stopping me!

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