Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Prayer 05.17.2016

I am doing the Fervent Bible Study by Priscilla Schirer with a girlfriend and this week's homework was to create a Prayer for Passion. May you be blessed in writing out your own prayer for passion in your life...
Dear God, Today I thank YOU for your presence in my life. For allowing me to call on you, to come to you, to pray to you, to search for you with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and with all my strength because I love you and it's my heart to know you! In the ways I lack courage to pursue the abundant life you have given me, I ask you to open my eyes, fuel my heart, guide my feet, strengthen my mind, increase my faith, in my purpose and plan you have for my life. I ask you to ignite a deeper, stronger passion and abundant passion within me. I ask you to continue to help me see my limiting beliefs and strongholds that disempower me and destroy my passion for life. Give me the determination to fight the good fight and focus on the good things, choosing to embrace your grace. I believe and trust in your power to strengthen and refresh my passion for you, and for others and for life with love. May the light of my spirit be seen each and every day in my intentions to be courageous, generous and loving! I pray this in Jesus amazing and most powerful name, AMEN!
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