Monday, November 28, 2016

What's wrong with: How Can it Get Better than this?

There is a phrase that runs around the coaching circles, especially from some out of Utah, that is frequently used after something good has happened, they ask:   

How can it get better than this?  

The idea around this phrase is to invite more good into your life, that things can get better then they currently are, that this isn't even the top, so don't stop here, there is something better.

I must admit, I am not fond of it. 

I would like to share with you why and get your thoughts.

I believe God has designed us to live an abundant life.  That means when we are fully living connected to Him, seeking Him daily in our interactions with each other, our thoughts and things of concern to us, each day is going to be better than the last.  Because He is building our life.  One piece at a time.  The things we are experiencing now, can't compare to the future.

I believe God wants us to have hope for the future, to believe that the things ahead are better then what we have now, but I do not believe that means that we aren't grateful for the beauty in our life at this current moment.  For when we are truly grateful for the good we already have in our life, that alone allows us to embrace our current life fully.  We aren't longing for more good.  We are thankful for the good we have.  We aren't seeking to one up the good we have.  We aren't challenging God with, this isn't enough, bring on more, we are thankful for the part He already has brought to our life and we let what He has filled our lives with overflow our hearts in the moment.

This isn't heaven, the ultimate good will be made complete then, but we are able to enjoy all the things He has given us here and this should be enough.  We shouldn't be longing and begging for more good.  We have it good.  Here and now.  We truly do!

Lastly, God promises us that each day is a brand new day, full of blessings, and a clean slate.  Our yesterday's are not held against us.  Our future's are not held against us.  We are loved in this moment just as we are.  We have to prove nothing or have nothing we have to get.  We are complete just as we are.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, better than that! 

How can we be more grateful for the good already that God has bestowed upon us and given to us freely?

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