Thursday, December 15, 2016

I can have peace

I gave a total of $35k to various charity organizations in 2015...because I believe in them, I believe in what they are doing, I believe in their message, I believe in being generous, I believe in the ripple effect, I believe in helping others achieve their goals, I believe in making a difference in the world where poverty is at the lowest level and where the basics of basic needs doesn't even exist, I believe that giving of your time, energy and money are all aspects of philanthropy, I believe giving from the heart because you want to is very important beyond the fact it is one of God's commandments...

You may judge me for making this statement, you may believe I was trying to buy their love, you may feel I am boasting about my giving, you may believe I am proud of what I was able to do financially, you may believe that I am trying to prove a point, you may think that I think that I am better than you, you may believe that I should have taken care of my own needs (like buy myself a dishwasher that has been broken for 5+ years instead of giving money to someone else), you may believe that I am all about show, you may believe that I should not share these things with you, you may believe many different things about this statement...

I can have peace in the midst of being attacked for what I believe, how I live, what I say and what I do, knowing that I live an authentic life, to the core of who I am, because of the values and things I believe are important. I can have peace because I know that I am not trying to live my life to please you but to be a servant of the one who has given me so much. I can have peace as I seek direction and wisdom from the one who promises to give it to me if I just ask. I can have peace knowing that I have a financial budget and whether I make more or less money, my charity activities will be in alignment with that. I can have peace knowing that last year I was able to exceed some of my philanthropy goals I set because my business had it's greatest year ever. I can have peace knowing that as I follow my heart in supporting charities that are making a difference that I am doing what God asks of me to spread more love and to give back. I can have peace that even if you disagree with what I believe, how I live, what I say, and what I do, I ultimately give account to God for my life and that responsibility and accountability is mine. I can have peace that God knows my heart and He knows why I gave $35k to charity and He will take care of the outcome of these efforts, I don't have to worry about their results. I can have peace that the energy you put out in life will come back to you and the results speak for themselves. I can have peace knowing you can create your own life and live it the way you want. I can have peace that even in the midst of criticism, condemnation and judgement, because I know that if you spent more time focusing on your own philanthropy efforts instead of criticizing mine, you might have more love, joy, peace, harmony and contentment in your own life, and this would fill your heart with more blessings and gratitude then you ever dreamed was possible.
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