Monday, January 16, 2017

Life is kinda like Football

Life is kinda like Football.
Sometimes you score a touchdown. Sometimes you have to work and work and work for a touchdown. Sometimes you try so many times that you now have to go for a Field Goal. Sometimes you make the Field Goal, but a timeout had been called before you kicked, but you didn't hear it, and so now the Field Goal attempt has to be redone. Sometimes you completely miss the Field Goal. Sometimes your team is there to help you make a play right on the money. Sometimes the people around you are putting so much pressure on you that you loose your focus on where you are supposed to be throwing the ball. Sometimes you get taken out in a sack. Sometimes you butt heads with someone you didn't see coming right at you. Sometimes you get injured in playing all in the game. Sometimes you get the ball knocked out of your hands. Sometimes you catch the ball that wasn't intended for you. Sometimes you get to run the football all the way down the field. Sometimes the referee calls the penalty that you saw right on the money. Sometimes the referee doesn't call the penalty at all and you get grace that you shouldn't have had. Sometimes the referee calls a penalty that doesn't match the play at all and makes no sense to you and everyone else watching, but you can't argue, you just have to deal with it. Sometimes no matter how much you practice, you still loose the game.
Just like in life.
Sometimes the project you are working on comes together smoothly, you get the contract and you meet your deadline with extra time to spare. Sometimes you have to work and work and work for a results in your life, like loosing weight, or figuring out hives that continue for over a Year, or determining your career path, or paying down debt. Sometimes you try so many times to get someone to fix an issue, like with your Honda Prepaid Maintenance Warranty, that it seems like every time you make one step forward you get taken back two. Sometimes you make it to the elevator on time, but someone on the inside has already hit close the door and you have to wait for the next ride. Sometimes you completely miss your flight at the airport because of a wreck and traffic en-route and the airport shuttle drops you off at the wrong gate entrance. Sometimes you have a team of friends that are there for you, to pray for you, to encourage you, and who love to spend time with you. Sometimes the people around you are are not supporting you, do not have your best interest at heart, and are actually enemies that are saying awful things about you behind your back but say they love you to your face. Sometimes you loose all your contacts on your phone because backing up to Google and your SIM Card and your Phone didn't work. Sometimes you get in a car wreck because you didn't see the vehicle ahead of you completely stopped. Sometimes you get sick, very sick. Sometimes you buy something that doesn't work out like it should and it is wasted money because you can't return it. Sometimes you get a flowers as a gift from one of your Guy Friends because they simply appreciate you and let you know how much you are loved. Sometimes you get fired from your job and have to file for unemployment and go without pay for 3 months while you appeal the original decision. Sometimes the policeman gives you a speeding ticket that you deserved. Sometimes the policemen gives you grace on that speeding ticket that you actually really did deserve. Sometimes the policeman gives you a speeding ticket and it doesn't make any sense to you or anyone else in the car, but you can't argue, you just have to deal with it. Sometimes no matter how much you practice having positive thoughts, you still have to deal with negative ones.
I love Football. And I love studying it and learning about it. But beyond that...I love looking at life analogies and applying them in ways that help me become a better person.
How would you apply Football to your life?
[Yes, these are examples from my own life.]
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