Monday, January 2, 2017

Prayer 01.02.2017

Dear Lord,

As we begin this #NewYear may we deeply remember that we have brand new mercies each day. New opportunities. New paths. Our slate gets wiped completely clean. We don't have to hold onto guilt, shame, regret or fear. We can move forward with increased faith, boldness and bravery. You are with us!!! We can walk in new outlooks. New routines. New chapters.

I ask that you help keep our focus to be intentional in the way we live our lives, the people whom we connect with and how we create relationships. That we remember each and every day is a gift and what we do with it when we open it is our choice. You give us a choice in how we live our lives and our results are directly related to how connected we are to you, how we live with courage and hope, how resilient we can stay to the daily fight.

May we focus on choosing to "Settle for More" [read Megyn Kelly's book] and living the abundant life you have given each of us. May we not loose heart in any experience we are facing in life. May we not be defeated by the challenges and struggles, but see them as opportunities to grow and be overcomers.

As each of us pick out a word for 2017 to be our theme, or set new goals to achieve in 2017, or ways we want to transform our lives for 2017, may we do so with a heart that seeks you first in everything, stopping in the moments when we feel overwhelmed to just take a breath and ask you for help, to take a moment and refocus on the vision we have for our lives that comes from you, to ask you for wisdom, guidance and strength, to renew our purpose and passion for life. May we be relentless in this.

A Daughter of The One True King Embracing the New Year, Misty Gilbert
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