Wednesday, January 4, 2017

what if we LOVED each other more?

What if we LOVED each other more?  Really loved each other.

What if we didn't just say: I LOVE YOU as a Facebook comment, but actually showed in actions we loved someone?  

What if we took the time, to look someone in the eyes today and tell them what they meant to us?  How they contributed to or shaped our lives?  

What if when we got hurt, deeply hurt, by a comment or action or situation, we let that person know that we loved them and valued the relationship and that we were hurt instead of just walking away, unfriending someone, shutting them out, and by our actions proving to them that the relationship really didn't matter and we didn't and wouldn't love them?

What if we took the time today, to express all the strengths this person had and how they have blessed our life?  Instead of focusing on all the ways they could be a better person and had failed us or let us down?  What if we built the relationship up through the positives?

What if we took the time to notice the small things someone did to make our day run more smoothly?  To be a helper or assistant in a project we have going on?  What if we thanked them for this and expressed the positive impact and our appreciation of it instead of just casually saying Thank YOU?

What if when we felt at odds with someone, or disagreed with someone, or they were rubbing us the freaking wrong way and getting on our freaking nerves, or we simply just didn't like what they were doing, we choose to not shove them away, not build up walls, not act like everything was just fine, but made a conscious effort to actually bring them closer to us and love them through it?  What if we did the opposite of what we wanted to do and created a deeper connection?

What if we took the time to reflect on what love really looks like?  

What if we did more to show each other that we love?

What if we let love guide our every action?
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