Thursday, February 23, 2017

poem ~ accidents

Stuck in traffic
bumper to bumper
I am doing my best
to drive in this mess.

I change lanes
appears you don't like it
You ride my bumper
as if that's gonna solve it.

Please don't hit me
as I watch my rear-view mirror
All the while the view 
in front of me is not clear.

Slam on the breaks
to prevent a mistake
Hitting your truck
was the result that I make.

I am so sorry
was all I can say
This was not the plan
to the start of my day.

My nerves are shot
and I am uncontrollably shaking.
The challenges of late
keep coming in waves.

Issued a ticket
for not controlling my speed
It seems a bit ridiculous
could you reconsider please?

I understand
the rules you must play
It seems life is a game
of legal battles these days.

I simply am grateful
that everyone is alive.
For I know that in this
more lessons reside.

Today I say Thank You
for praying for me.
More than that I say Thank YOU
for loving and caring about me.

© Misty W Gilbert
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