Monday, February 6, 2017

walking out the tension in life

There are times in our lives that it seems easier to just start over. To cut all ties with something or someone that is making life difficult.

To scrap the project and throw it away. To not fix what is broken. To put it out of sight on a shelf, or better yet, just hide it. To just walk out.

But most things do not resolve themselves this way. You can attempt to do this, but the problem will fester and resurface. The ramifications to such actions generally follow you. The lesson that you need to learn will come back another time, over and over in different situations until you learn it.

Yet, there are sometimes you have to burn the bridge. You have to run and not look back. You have to wipe the slate completely clean leaving no trace of chalk.

Sometimes, you can't spend time or energy trying to figure out what parts are needed and how to fix something. You can't look for clues to figure out what was written on the chalk board the day before to figure out the formula to the problem. You can't keep trying to find the right key to fit the lock you just got to get a new one.

This is the tension in life.

Knowing when to let go and when to hang on. When to try harder and when to quit. When to keep forging on ahead being patient and when to shout mercy, I can't do this.
You will always be asking the question when to start, when to pause, and when to stop...this is life.

Sometimes you just have to ask the question to find the answer. It is there. And every day it awaits you with a choice: Will you let today be a brand new day?
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