Monday, March 20, 2017

love my friends

Today, I want to express extreme gratitude for my friends!

I love my friends.

The ones who help me do things that are too hard for me right now to do on my own. And for understanding that this is hard for me when I have always taken care of myself.

The ones who speak love into me as I walk through a rough chapter, helping me to keep my focus when I have lost the direction, motivation and determination to stay the fight.

The ones that lift a hand to do a chore that I do not have the energy for it.

The ones that speak my love languages, knowingly or unknowingly.

The ones that hug me and say I care. Be you. Keep sharing your message. I love you. You matter.

The ones that encourage me to love me and rest.

The ones who will take time to meet for coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a concert, church, or stop by to say hello.

The ones who send text messages.

The ones who call and if I don't answer don't get pissed off.

The ones who understand and when they don't, seek to understand deeper because they aren't gonna loose sight of who I really am, not getting upset over one comment or post I make on Facebook.

The ones who understand the emotional and physical pain I am going through. And if they don't, who just simply say I am sorry. They aren't trying to fix me.

The ones who know that I want a deeper level of transformation.

The ones who believe in me. Maybe even more then I believe in myself.

Thank YOU for being in my Circle of Friends.
#Gratitude #GratefulHeart #HeartOfLove #CircleOfFriends

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