Sunday, March 5, 2017

poem ~ freedom from regret

You've been given all the freedom
from the things that keep you stuck,
To live a life of blessings
without payment of regret.

Yet you continue to be mistaken
on what you must do to stay in step,
With the rules and requirements
to live a life without regret.

You've chosen to keep the chains
tied tight around your ankle,
To keep you from moving forward
from sustaining any more regret.

You keep yourself tied in knots
looped close around your neck,
For fear if you were to remove them
you'd take another breath of regret.

You're driven to build the wall
for the hurt you hold most dear,
For to open up your heart
would mean exposing all your fear.

Yet the key to the padlock
is yours to unlock,
To live a life of your dreams
while there is still time on the clock.

Don't let this moment of freedom
go away from you today,
To keep you in security
in the strength of regret always.

© Misty W Gilbert
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