Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Prayer 03.15.2017

Dear Lord God of My Life,

Today I seek you for guidance and direction with those things on my heart. I ask you to show up in a way today that helps me see you, feel you and trust you (SFT) more deeply. Help me to learn the lessons you have for me today, all while knowing that today is a gift.

I ask you to help me realize that there is extreme power in my words, positive energy and affirmations set to confirm truth. I want to live more in alignment with the calling you have for me. Help me to know what to say no to and what to say yes to. Help me to keep my priorities in focus and my eyes on the vision and end goal. Help me to not loose heart and focus on the good things you are doing, in and through me.

Help me to love myself to the same level and depth you do, so that I can love others fully. Help me to have grace for myself, and extend this grace to others. Help me to forgive myself, so that forgiveness of others is prominent.

Help me to seek truth, always. Help me to infuse every aspect of my day with peace, to release all anxiety and worry, to face my fears by just doing it any way. Guide me and direct me through this process as I at times get caught up in the storm. Show me ways to live out the truth of all these things with more authenticity, with courage, in strength, with dignity, by love and always in hope with grit.
I pray this in your most loving, powerful and generous name, AMEN!
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