Friday, March 17, 2017

What does aggressive mean to you?

I was at an event this past week in which I shared a few thoughts, 3 different times, to some things that were being discussed in a group topic.  One of those times I described and referred to myself as an aggressive chic, to which one of the "leaders" said, let's not use that word, to correct me.  

I froze.  My mind racing.  Trying to put the pieces together to understand why I shouldn't use that word and see it from their perspective.  It has left me asking these questions:

Why do we have such an issue with the word aggressive?  I understand there is power in our words, but why do we feel some words have negative meaning only?  Why do we act like aggression is a BAD thing?  Why don't we be strong and know that aggression is a strength, not a weakness, not a negative character trait?  

Why do we assume in the religious culture that meekness means something specific and that it means aggressive isn't in alignment with a "godly" life?  Why do we assume it means something it doesn't?  What will it take for us to see things differently?

Why do people fight vulnerability?  Why do we not accept connection?  Why don't we live from our heart?  Why can we not extend love even if aggression isn't something good?  Why do we try to change people?  

I am aggressive in my pursuit of all things excellent. 

I am aggressive in my love for connection, great conversation, and authentic vulnerable relationships.  

I am aggressive at living debt free, and maintaining this lifestyle.  

I am aggressive at facing my fears.  Every last one of them. 

I am aggressive at choosing love in all things.  

I am aggressive in my pursuit of God.

I am aggressive in being a Proverbs 31 Woman, full of strength, dignity and who laughs at the future.

I am aggressive in seeking truth.

I am aggressive at being me...and loving and accepting me for who I am, not trying to be someone I am not.  And when I don't like who I am, I will give myself more grace.  And forgiveness.

I am aggressive at creating the life I want.

I am aggressive at keeping a routine so that I meet my goals.

I am aggressive at creating a fervent prayer life.

I am aggressive at working through my horrific childhood and the layers and triggers that it brings as I continue to live intentionally in freedom. 

I am aggressive at being all in the game.

I am aggressive at being proactive.

I am aggressive at learning from others.

I am aggressive at practicing Yoga.

I am aggressive at removing anything that doesn't add value to my life.

I am aggressive at living a life in simplicity.

I am aggressive at being courageous, generous and core values.

What else should I add to this list?  How can we create a ripple effect and change the world?
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