Monday, March 13, 2017

what makes a great relationship?

What makes a great relationship? What do you feel makes connected friendships? What do you feel is the definition of a true friend?

I am tired of fake friends. I want real people in my life. I want people who want to be open, vulnerable, authentic. I want people who want to interact online and offline. I want people who want to live and talk what they really believe, even if it is different then me. I want people who know what love is and live it.

You say what are fake friends? People that say they love you but don't show it. People that say one thing to your face or on your posts, but act differently when with other people or behind your back. People that don't just scroll and snoop on your posts and gossip to others about what you are doing, saying, living, giving, being, having. People that don't connect for a value based relationship but have an ulterior reason. People that don't want to live authentic on all levels. People who the moment they don't like what you are doing create distance. People who can't handle when you are going through a rough chapter and leave you by the side of the road.

To me. These are fake friends.

I am working on a poem about them. But I am also working through things in my heart and mind because some days, I think it's time to clean house. I hear about people doing this and I have always had a different perspective. Because I believe in love and I thought you could love fake people.

Today, I wonder if that is working? I wonder what influence it is making on me as I aim to live out God's calling on my life and be all in the game? 

How do you deal with fake friends? How do you sift these people out of your life without creating drama? How do you approach situations like this?
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