Wednesday, March 1, 2017

will you SFT?

The first time I was in a wreck that was my fault was March 1st, 2013, on my way home from a clients office in Kaufman Texas. Exactly one Year to the day I paid off my 2011 Silver Honda Civic that I was driving at that time. A week to the day following my Dad's Memorial in California.

I won't go into all the reasons why this was a very traumatic time in my life because that would take away the message I want to share in this post today, but believe me when I say it was extensive and deeper then the few things I have mentioned here.

The lesson in that experience was one that was very dynamic in its impact on my life. One of those times I now call "God Moments". When I got out of the car from rear ending that lady, the first words out of her mouth to me were, "You were forgiven before this ever happened."

I couldn't talk. I had no words.

What could I say to a lady that had this attitude towards me? I had never experienced being treated like this. I was used to being blamed, condemned, chastised, criticized, made fun of, rebuked, accused, shamed, and laden with guilt. What would make someone treat a complete stranger like this? Especially when I was at fault and had wrecked the back end of her car?

All I could do was shake all over and cry.

To give you a bit of perspective, this was 30 days before leaving the Church Group (in reality a cult in how it operated) I had been born and raised in. But it was during the 7 months I had started a new journey of expanding my connections outside of "TheGroup" intentionally by attending a Women's Bible Study Group the prior September through December 2012.

Seeing God in this way was new to me. Feeling God in this way was new to me. Trusting God in this way was new to me. But I was experiencing Him on a level I never had before. I was seeing Him show up in my life unexpectedly, repeatedly, and impactfully.

Once you change your focus and start living intentionally in the moment, with your eyes open to the opportunities and events of your day, truly seeking God in every moment of your day, staying connected to the messages and moments when he sends you words of encouragement, nuggets, and truth whether through someone else or directly to you, praying over every little thing that comes your way, you will be shaken to the core and walk away being in complete utter emphatic awe as you experience life changing situations that will be very vivid in your heart and mind and stay with you for life, becoming life lessons.

So when I tell you that I believe the wreck I had 5 days ago has a lesson and a message in it for me, I believe this deeply. Not just because of my first wreck and the outcome then, but because I believe these events in our lives are designed to mold us and shape us into who we are called to be.

Sometimes it takes awhile for all the puzzle pieces to come together and for you to see what the message is, sometimes you hear it, see it and feel it in the moment. No matter how long it takes, I would encourage you to journal about these things. I have a journal for these God Moments so that I can go back and reflect on all the BIG ways God has showed up to encourage me in the dark days. My God Moments have had such an impact on me and I don't want to forget them.

Today, I want to encourage you, no matter what you are experiencing in life, I ask you today to SFT. This acronym comes from one of my top 3 favorite movies, Seven Days In Utopia: See it, Feel it, Trust it.

I pray today as you are writing in your Chapter, whether you are ending one or starting a new one or just in the big middle of a long one, that you will be able to SFT and that your God Moments will be life changing to bring you encouragement, support and inspiration on your journey!
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