Friday, March 31, 2017

your relationship with God and People

[an excerpt from my blog post 2 years ago today that applies to all areas of life...and speaks to me again today with life circumstances I am facing...]

The more you ask yourself the hard questions and find your own answers through prayer and seeking Gods will in your life, the more you will realize that the answers come and that everyone will have an opinion as they view your life through their lens and their own personal experiences. The more you keep this in focus and use the comments, feedback, and insight as additional guidance but not necessarily the written plan God has for your journey, the more you won't let the differences they bring up to oppose you and stop you from pursuing [your] life.

Yes, many people will challenge you. Disagree with you. Tell you you are wrong. They will do their best to pull you back from facing your fears, your dreams, your desires, and your vision that you have for your life. They will believe they have better wisdom than you. Yet, if you will appreciate having them in your life as a tool to help sort out the answers, knowing these people are not the answer, but they can be used to influence you, you will be letting these situations have their perfect work. When it is tested against God's ways, then and only then, will you be following Gods will for your life.
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