Saturday, April 29, 2017

poem ~ dearest friend

as you sit in your pain
with a life of regret
I hope that you know
there is another option you can go.

as the pain consumes your heart
know that the rain has to come
for the blossoms to grow
and the beauty to show.

as you reflect on your life
I hope that you'll stop
and just take a deep breath and think
really think hard about this twice.

no matter what you choose
I know that your heart longs
to be accepted and loved
fully able to live a life completely set free.

please don't live in regret
or die with fear deep in your heart
because life has so much more
truly abundantly in store.

you've got a clean slate before you
to live an incredible life
of sweet meaning and forever in hope
through every mountain or valley you're in.

the choice is yours
to create the life that you want to live
and intentionally pursue happiness
and everything that's beautiful and true.

I want you to know
that wherever your path takes you and you go
you've got friends that love you
and want the best for ya.

don't ever remotely forget
no matter what happens
there is always one that is with you
who goes before you and walks right with you.

© Misty W Gilbert
Photo By: @mistywgilbert taken in Cayucos, California in April 2017
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