Wednesday, April 26, 2017

poem ~ everyone wants

Everyone wants freedom
yet most won't do the work,
To release them from the baggage
of bonds that deeply hurt.

Everyone wants to have
a life of no regrets,
But to have these results is easy
when you believe and don't fret.

Everyone wants to be
released from all the boxes that we make,
To keep one from enjoying their life
that was not meant to be fake.

Everyone wants to fly
high above the waves of life,
Yet a battle still remains
as you ride the current in the sky.

Everyone wants to be loved
and accepted for who they are,
The choice to be a ripple effect
and love like pure water is not hard.

Everyone wants so many things
yet all are within their grasp,
Because God made you powerful
with your own will to connect.

Everyone wants to be given
renewed hope today,
But the choice is yours in how you live
in spite of all your scars along the way.

© Misty W Gilbert and Photo Taken By: @mistywgilbert in Cayucos, California April 2017
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