Saturday, April 22, 2017

poem ~ ordinary life

An ordinary life
built on limits and fears,
Is one that produces
many regrets and tears.

An ordinary life
that is filled with excuses,
Means one that is lost
for no benefit it produces.

An ordinary life
lived in pain and disconnect,
Leaves nothing for
a heart of worthiness.

An ordinary life
means settling for less,
Then offering the world
my very best.

An ordinary life
when there really is more,
Potential of abundance
and a beautiful life in store.

An ordinary life
means playing small,
Verses living a life
of giving my all.

An ordinary life
yet called for much more,
By the one who created
my life with so many doors.

An ordinary life
with options and choices,
To speak words of life
in a world full of voices.

An ordinary life
is to live with limits,
When freedom has been given
its no evident secret.

An ordinary life
so many will keep it,
Yet fulfillment is a choice
in this journey, for I need it.

An ordinary life
built up on choices,
Some very important
others no one sees them.

An ordinary life
or an extraordinary one,
Yes it is true
you've got to choose one.

An ordinary life
I will not seek,
No, I have more in my heart
for these avenues to reach.

© Misty W Gilbert
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