Sunday, April 9, 2017

poem ~ why do you

Why do you keep looking
for your past
in everyone you meet?

Why do you keep expecting
the same situations to happen again
just because they always did?

Why do you think that everyone
is going to hurt you
the way they did?

Why do you expect others
to treat you differently
then you treat them?

Why do you forget that 
not everyone is the same
because even you've changed?

Why do you remember 
all the bad things
as if there aren't any good?

Why do you search 
so hard for love
when love is right in front of you?

Why do you hold onto
the pain in your heart
when it hurts so much?

Why do you build walls
keeping out the very thing
you so desperately want?

Why do you keep living 
your life as if 
you don't get a clean slate?

Why do you look for life
in places filled with so much
limited grace?

Why do you keep living your life
as if you don't ever 
get to make your own choice?

© Misty W Gilbert
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