Monday, May 29, 2017

poem ~ build relationships

My heart hurts for people 
who feel they can just come and go,
Out of people's lives
like it doesn't matter so.

When you treat relationships
like you can take or leave them there,
It makes me wonder if
you ever even truly cared. 

When I think about the part
we each were meant to play,
I can't just walk out of your life
as I'm asked to love you always.

Yes, there are some times 
when we must let go,
Of the people and friends 
who abuse us so.

I'm not talking about those kind
of unhealthy friends,
I am thinking of the ones
who won't resolve the issues between them.

They build up walls 
to shut you out,
Instead of showing love,
as we're asked to live about. 

But walls only divide
and create a wedge,
When we were meant for more
of life's cutting edge.

Don't let grievances 
steal your joy,
For life begins 
when you make this choice.

Love from the heart
with forgiveness too,
For this is what 
we were each called to do.

© Misty W Gilbert
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