Tuesday, May 9, 2017

poem ~ Gods Plan

People often say
“God is in control”,
Yet this is just a way
that we soothe our souls.

To make sense of the randomness 
of the events in our life
when everything is hurtful,
cruel and full of strife.

We like to think
that God has a hard core plan,
and is continuously weaving 
it all together in action-packed land.

But if that were the case
why does He give it to you,
an option to choose
what kind of life you wanna live through?

But perhaps you should
consider it this way,
life is never random
exactly like as you say.

For life's not dictated
by boxes and rules,
No, it's made in each moment
by the choices you choose.

Maybe it's not happening to you
but to get you to choose,
Because God doesn't make you
live this life as an option to lose.

It's happening for you
to get you to see,
That you get to create
and live intentionally.

God is “in control"
not because he is pulling
a background of strings
in an attempt to make everything work.

No, God is “in control” 
because He is our capacity,
To make beauty from ashes
and work all things out for our good.

That doesn't mean
everything feels real good,
Some things in life
require sadness to be understood.

Yes, I know, there is sadness
all over the world,
but you truly can discover
a joy that much deeper than the surface.

For sadness does not diminish
any bit of the joy,
And joy does not protect you
from the sadness it employs.

You wish it could only be 
that only joy and happiness you'd see,
But then you sit back and discover
that the sadness was a gift undercover.

So take a moment
to think on this today,
For this life that you live 
is being constructed by what you give.

Yes, God is "in control"
but not like it seems,
For the choice is yours
how you live this life that you dream.

© Misty W Gilbert
[inspired from a blog post by Jim Palmer, Author]
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