Friday, May 19, 2017

poem ~ OolaLife

Everyone is on a search
to obtain their own OolaLife,
As they try to find the balance
in all the things required for this life.

Oola is an expression 
that you use to describe your life,
For it's a state of awesomeness
living in the 7 key areas of life.

The 7 F's of Oola
help you to focus on less stress,
As you create the ultimate plan
to live a life balanced filled with success.

To have an OolaLife
requires you to do yearly goal-setting,
In the actions, insights and goals 
in all the things that fill your soul.

For when your life is filled with purpose
in Field, Fitness, Finance and Fun,
You know the Oola destination
can never be undone.

To live your OolaLife
with Family, Friends, and Faith,
Means you're on the path to discover
and unlock the greatness in which you're made.

To achieve the work-life balance
and the vision of your dreams,
You've got to address the Oola Blockers
that keep you back in self-sabotaging schemes.

When you create an OolaLife
filled with Gratitude and Faith,
These are the biggest Oola Accelerators
that will grow and change your unbalanced state.

So the question I ask you
as you think about your life,
Are you living it in balance 
as you build your OolaLife?

© Misty W Gilbert
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