Monday, May 22, 2017

poem ~ the sassy voice

As I write and share my heart
there's this battle deep within,
Do I write to please my friends and fans
or write to make a difference again? 

Do I write to share the truth
so others may be made free?
Or do I dilute it's power deep down
so you'll always just like me?

Do I question what others leave on the table 
to be ignored or assumed? 
Or do I open up and expose
for the entire room to choose?

Do I dance around the hard things here
that come to take my breath away?
Or will I press on and through 
with a hope beyond the problem of today?

Do I help you to see
the fear and guilt that covers thee?
Or do I let you stay in doubt
in what these principles really are about?

Do I believe with all my heart
that there's a reason God wants me to stand up and out?
Or will I choose to run and hide
when it gets hard and friends leave my side?

Will I choose even in this quest
to believe you've got a purpose for all of it?
Or will I let it get me down
when disappointments readily abound?

Do I let you see my doubts 
or pretend they don't even affect me now?
Or will I reveal the truth
of what's going on in the behind the scenes view? 

Will I find others who want more
for what this life has in store?
Or will I be one of the few
intentionally pursuing a life with you? 

Do I give it my all
even when the price is tall?
Or because of others view
will I stay small lacking courage to?

Do I know that even in this
there is a test in the risk?
Or will I trust my mission here
and why I'm called to make a difference clear?

Do I believe it's time for more
knowing what commitment gives?
Or will I let you keep me too
stuck further in bondage and regret?

Will I let all these enemies
destroy my message and all you've done for me?
Or will I pursue my voice
knowing you've given me a choice?

Do I believe your guiding me
to forge ahead when I can't see?
Or will I stop and suspend my view 
for fear because of what a ripple effect will do?

Will I continue to seek
excellence in my sassy speech?
Or will I give up instead
and never by love willingly be lead?

© Misty W Gilbert and inspired by @stevenfurtick and his message on 05.14.2017.
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