Saturday, May 6, 2017

poem ~ why do you

Why do you cling,
to the things that break you the most?

Why do you hold a grudge,
when you've been given the freedom note?

Why do you run,
from the chance of having hope?

Why do you think pain,
is something you can avoid like a ghost?

Why do you hold back love,
from the person who wants it the most?

Why do you believe,
things won't get better?

Why do you stay,
in the negative mindset gutter?

Why do you live,
as if you have no choice?

Why do you stay in fear,
when regret is all you hear?

Why do you go on,
doing things that you hate?

Why do you feel,
that you cannot heal?

Why do you make promises,
that you have no intentions to keep?

Why do you live in chains,
when no benefit remains?

Why do you keep the padlock,
when you hold the key?

Why do you walk by,
even though there is a gate?

Why don't you leave it all,
at Jesus feet?

© Misty W Gilbert
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