Monday, May 1, 2017

results of being unplugged on vacation...

1st day back to "the office" is what is changing from my 6 Days unplugged:

- new writing routine set with my Accountability Writing Buddy that I am beginning today which includes to write a Poem every day as I set forth 01.01.2017, I have 3 days set to write on my book and 3 days to work on the university program each week.

- will be canceling all participation as a Volunteer in all Charity Functions except one, the Dallas Local Meetup Group that I lead for the guys of The Minimalists because I believe this provides the most value out of all the ones I do and I touch the most / more lives in this then any of the other monthly and weekly things I have done. Oh, and I will keep my Charity Clients, currently have 3 of them but I am going to make sure they aren't more then 10% of my Client base. I have been out of balance in this with about 40% of my work being done for Charity, for years.

- will be converting to a 4 day work week...I set this goal back in 2014, it is time to make it happen and quit procrastinating.

- will complete the program I am writing for a university this month.

- put the deposit down on #2017VacationNumberTwo for July 2017, another Beach House, this time in South Padre Island

- will resume my VLOGs two times a week, on Tuesday's and Thursday's / Friday's depending on Client sessions because those days rotate, starting this week.

- will be moving my branding from my DBA that I have had since June 2004 to my LLC that was formed June 2013.

- will be doing more work on myself to embrace where I am, my message, the differences I have and who God has called me to be in fulfilling my calling and all that that entails.

- and more as I get clarity on a few remaining items from my time away at the Beach House with Jesus!
#CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #ThePowerOfChoice #2017Goals #Enterpreneurship #RealLifeExamples

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