Thursday, June 1, 2017

poem ~ be bold

You tell me
if anyone can handle this
it would be you,
For you have more guts
then two people put together
it's true.

Do you think
this consoles me
or makes me feel like I have a plan?
When this is the last thing 
I wanted
in this entrepreneurship clan.

You think just because
I value insight and courage
to forge straight ahead, 
That that means life 
is simply just easy
to stay out of the red.

I get your perspective 
I honestly do
but I promise you there's more,
As I struggle to be brave
and do what 
I've been called to do.

Nobody ever said
this wouldn't be hard
as I live from the heart, 
But the meaning of life
doesn't come 
from what's easy to start.

No matter the outcome
and what 
you have to do,
There's always a choice
in how you respond 
to what's presented to you.

Step out in faith 
and trust always
that you'll know the way,
In how to deal with 
the things 
that break the day.

Yes, I will be courageous 
and find strength within
to hold to my core values,
Of honesty 
and integrity 
in my relationship with you.

© Misty W Gilbert
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