Tuesday, June 27, 2017

poem ~ God's Plan

What if the plan
was a map through it all, 
That had hills and valleys
with numerous walls? 

What if the plan
didn't know the weather you'd have,
Or how many sunburns
you get on the trail ahead?

What if the plan
was to create conflict for you,
So you'd see what happens
when in the battle you stay true?

What if the plan 
wasn't hard at all, 
It only required 
that you stay open to the call?

What if the plan 
wasn't an outline of events,
But allowed you to make choices
in and through all of it?

What if the plan
just required your faith,
And nothing else was given
in exchange for love and grace?

What if the plan
was to allow you and me,
Just to intentionally live
in freedom and ease?

What if the plan
wasn't what religion said,
In what God has for you
that's now stuck in your head?

What if the plan
is really so much more,
Of Jesus and His Love
then the things you keep looking for?

© Misty W Gilbert
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